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About the xpress sliding forms

The xpress sliding forms come with two sending options, Use SWR version and PHP FormMail Version. They do not use any ‘sliders’, but do require a jquery library on the page.

The forms can be edited in WebPlus just like a normal page.

They come with custom validation and use panels to display incomplete fields.

Welcome!  To RichoSoft Xpress Sliding Forms

These professional quality, sliding forms do not use sliders and the forms are fully editable within WebPlus in a WYSIAWYG (What you see is almost what you get) view.

There are four forms included in the Xpress Sliding Forms Package:

All the above forms are easy to set up and include in your current site, and are fully customisable.

The validation code is stored and read from javascript libraries added to the page.

The user inputs in the PHP processed forms is ‘cleaned’ before being used and sent.


WebPlus X6 or X7

For the SWR (Serif Web Resources) versions an active SWR account is required.

For the PHP processed versions a host server with PHP (V4+ recommended) and FormMail enabled. (Some hosts do not enable FormMail by default and you may need to request it is enabled [UK2.net requires you request it to be enabled for example]).

In The Package:

WPP’s for X6 and X7 with the components for all four forms.

All images and javascripts required.

Comprehensive User Guide.